Anti-theft Alarm System for 2 wheelers

Anti-theft Alarm System for 2 wheelers

Many of us consider our bike to be the most valued possession. You cannot even a single scratch on it. What if the beauty gets stolen??? I am sure no bike owner wants to face such a situation and would want to secure your two-wheeler at all times. Autofy is a Bike Protection which protects the two-wheelers from getting stole. In short, it is a smart two-wheeler anti-theft alarm system which can be used as a protective shield for all the types of bikes, scooters and your 2 wheeled priced possessions. It works seamlessly for both geared as well as non-geared scooters.

Why is Autofy the best anti-theft alarm system for two-wheelers?

The Autofy alarm comes with advanced touch mechanism which can effectively sense every single touch and generates a security alarm. This is how your two-wheeler gets protected from thieves. The alarm system has a bike sensor touch feature, which when tampered, would buzz an alarm of 120 decibels. It is all times a better option as compared to the regular disc or gear or handles lock. The regular locks will just serve a single purpose at a time.

The Autofy alarm is made with the high-quality material. There is remote and standard key remote locking the two-wheeler. Both the remote and key have the option of locking and unlocking. In addition to it, the keys provide an option to locate the bike from a distance of up to 75-80 meters in a packed parking lot, shopping malls or other crowded location.

Top features of the Autofy anti-theft alarm system

  1. All vehicle compatibility – The smart anti-thief alarm system provides total security to all the bikes and scooters, including geared as well as non-geared vehicles of all mode.
  2. Smart Function – The Autofy alarm comes with special functionalities like vehicle locking which offers total security to the bikes.
  3. Water Resistant – This is one of the brilliant features of the Autofy alarm system, it is totally water resistance and works seamlessly even in rough weathers.
  4. Advanced Technology – The anti-theft alarm system follows advanced technology and produces an alarm sound of 120 decibels which can be turned off only via a remote key.


How does Autofy anti-theft alarm work?

The Autofy alarm has the inbuilt feature of motion sensors, which gets activated when your bike is being subjected to manhandling when it is locked. A sharp alarm of 120 decibels is produced which is clearly audible even from long distances.  In fact, the unit can receive a signal from the remote keys even from a distance of 80-100 meters. Each set has a unique frequency and there is zero possibility of duplicating the main keys.

Who can use Autofy anti-theft alarm?

It is perfect for heavy bikes like Royal Enfield, Bullet, Thunderbird, Avenger, Pulsar, Duke, Harley Davidson, Ninja, Apache and also for regular bikes like Activa, Maestro, Passion, Discover, Jupiter, and Splendor.

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