Burglar Alarm System – An essential device for complete home security

Burglar Alarm System – An essential device for complete home security

The world is busy; everyone is engrossed in their own lives and care very least when something is happening in the next door. In fact, we cannot trust the known folks; a friend can turn into a foe in no time. Hence, it is always best to rely on an efficient burglar alarm system to ensure complete protection of your loved ones and home.

The worst nightmare of burglary and robbing can affect the victim both emotionally as well as financially. The financial loss can be still recovered, but the emotional feeling is irrecoverable and stays in your mind forever. The intruder alarm can work as a protection shield to your family and intimate you immediately if some foul activity detected.

Alarm System is divided into two broad categories

  1. Home: The biggest benefits of owning a security alarm are to offer complete protection to your family from the dangerous intruders. The alarm system can help the family to get into a safer location till the local authorities take necessary action. A home alarm system can be provided much needed an early warning to the family members so that they can stay safe.
  2. Commercial: A commercial Alarm system keeps your business, employees and property safe 24 x 7. You can manage everything via your smartphone, you get all the necessary control to keep your business safe and secured. Office security is must when you have to leave your place, an alarm system helps you to always keep a check on your folk’s and business security.

Alarm Systems are segmented into Wired & Wi-Fi Alarm System

Investing in an alarm system can reduce your worry. The best part is burglar alarm system prices are also very affordable and you can opt for a wired or wireless alarm system. A wireless system makes use of individual sensors to communicate the information to the central control panel via the radio frequency. Whereas the wired alarm system connects all the sensors to the control panel using the wires will go via the walls and floors of your home.

Role of sensors in the Alarm System

  1. Motion Sensors: This sends the UV waves and these are reflected back to the sensors until it is disturbed by an interference. Upon interference, the sensors get triggered and send an alarm via the control panel.
  2. Door Sensors: The magnetic door sensor gets activated on losing contact, thereby triggering an alarm.
  3. Vibration Sensor: This sensor is activated on the event of glass breaking, or heavy tremor.
  4. Gas leak sensor: In the event of Carbon Monoxide or LPG gas leaks, this sensor gets activated.
  5. Heat Sensor: On detection of excess heat in temperature or fire accidents the heat sensor plays a vital role.
  6. Shutter Sensor: On breaching or tampering with the garage/shop shutters, the shutter sensors respond effectively.
  7. Panic Button: This device can be used when an unforeseen incident occurs and the victim presses the panic switch and alarm gets activated.


Benefits of Burglar Alarm System

  1. Protection of Valuables – We all would have worked day and night to make money and invest in precious and valuable items. In fact, many have sentimental feelings associated with the belonging and want to preserve them for their Lifetime. The main focus for burglars and theft is to steal away the precious possessions, they are major concerned about the retail value. A burglar alarm system is reliable to safeguard the home and prized possession, in addition, if some mishap happening occurs the burglars are caught in the camera, which makes the task of local authorities super quick to find them. A video footage can work as enough evidence to take the burger and get back the possession.
  2. 24 x 7 Digital Security – The biggest benefits of having a home security system India is the 24 x 7 protection of people and possession a home. You cannot be everywhere all the time but the home security system can keep a check on each and everything. You can leave to business trips or vacations without worrying about the home security because you know there is someone else who is monitoring your home in an efficient way.
  3. Remote Access to Your Home – The burglar alarm system prices are very budgetary and they are totally worth it as it comes with excellent features like monitoring and accessing the home remotely. You can also keep a check whether the door is locked, light is turned off or while your kids are busy playing.
  4. Intimates you about fire or any gas leakage – Apart from burglar trouble, an unexpected fire or a gas leakage issue is also equally dangerous and can be life-threatening. The security alarm will intimate the owners immediately when there is some smoke or leakage of carbon monoxide. You can take the necessary action to avoid such cases. The alarm system will notify yours instantly about such emergency scenario.
  5. Keep a check on kids – If you are at work and want to see what your kids are doing at home, a home alarm system provides you with a camera option when you can keep a check on your kids.

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