LED Bulb Home Security System

LED Bulb Home Security System

LED Bulb home security camera is an astounding innovation in the recent era. If you are not aware of the bulb camera, then you would find it as just any other ordinary LED bulb. Though it has a similar outlook just like an ordinary bulb but has incorporated with some highly advanced and secure highlights. It is basically a wireless security hidden bulb camera that works like a spy camera. It captures all the activities or movements happening in your home.

Why buy an LED bulb home security camera?

  • Security must be your first priority especially when you have children in your home. If you are working parents and have children around your home, then this bulb camera is the best product to ensure the safety of your kids, whilst you are away. It will keep a check on every movement in your home. In this way, you can take care of your child even if you are not at your place.
  • It would be really helpful for the senior citizens who stay alone in the house. This bulb camera keeps a check on each activity that is taking place in the home. One can put an alert in case of needs for a help. Therefore, it’s better to put up the camera in a common living area.

Features of LED bulb home security camera

Some of the stunning highlights of the led bulb home security camera have been mentioned below.

1)    Superior 360-degree wide view angle – This LED bulb home security camera must be a great choice one can make for his/her home. It has incorporated with the 360-degree fish-eye lens having active pixels that give a full view angle. It has no blind area with 960P HD video format. It has a high resolution with H.264 compression format. It has a feature of live viewing and recording in the SD card that is expandable up to 128GB for your home or for office area.

2)    Fast and easy setup process – A full step-to-step guide has been provided by the app. It comes with brackets and therefore is extremely simple to install. You can directly install the bulb on the ceiling of your house. You can have accessibility to the camera on your smartphone or through the mobile network. It supports 3G/4G or Wi-Fi as well. With the help of P2P server technology, no additional setting is required for the setup.

3)    Night-light function – The camera has a night light vision that has a visibility of up to 16 feet in extreme darkness. The camera has a light with it that can be managed either manually or automatically. It is best for both home and office indoor use.

4)    Motion detection function – This highlight of the bulb camera ensures complete protection inside your home. With the help of motion detector sensors, you can feel each and every movement taking place inside your home. A phone push notification will appear and inform you about every movement in your home. The security camera is ideal for surveillance.


All in all, these were some amazing highlights of LED bulb home security camera. This camera is extremely effective for home or office purpose. One should definitely buy it in order to maintain the security in the home.

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