Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell

Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell

A Smart Wi-Fi Doorbell is an intelligent gadget which helps your home to be highly secured. Basically, a smart doorbell is a doorbell that is connected to the internet which gives a notification on the home owner’s smartphone as soon as a guest arrives at the entrance gate or door. The activation usually happens went the doorbell button is pressed or when the doorbell auto-sensing feature detects the presence of a guest.

The best part about smart doorbell is, the homeowner can watch and talk with the guest via their smartphone. The smart device comes with a high definition built-in HD camera and microphone which easily detects the presence of people when they knock on your door.

How does a smart door well work??

  1. When a guest presses the smart doorbell button, a call is initiated on the smartphone, if available within the Wi-Fi zone. You receive calls to your iOS device like iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone when the device is within the LAN Wi-Fi zone, even if the device is not connected to the internet.
  2. There is another scenario to ensure total security of the home. If you are away from the home and are traveling to any part of the world, you surely would be connected to the internet via 3G. The Wi-Fi doorbell ensures that a call is forwarded to your iPhone or Android phone and you get to know who the guest at your doorsteps, on the go.

Specifications of the smart doorbell

  1. A sturdy smart doorbell comes with wide-angle Lens Camera and works seamlessly both on iOS & Android devices, as well.
  2. The smart doorbell comes with amazing features like night vision, remote control access. Also, the gadget is IP66 compliant, due to which it is waterproof.
  3. The device is 100 % wire-free, no more tangles and cabling worries.
  4. PIR support comes as an additional with all smart Wi-Fi doorbells.
  5. The device supports two-way audio, as well as changing different ringtone option.


The smart doorbell comes with below-mentioned features

  1. Call Receiving – When you are prompted by the smart doorbell about the arrival of your guest on iPhone or Android device, you can talk to the guest, you also have an option to unlock the door. In addition to it, you can take a snapshot of the guest on the door and also record a video footage.
  2. Secret Monitoring – If you are experiencing any foul play and want to watch who is around your home, you can install a smart doorbell as it helps you to see who is on your doorsteps. You can also secretly monitor everything from your smartphone.
  3. Smart Alarms – This is the best feature of Wi-Fi smart doorbell, which allows sending alerts on your smartphone. Like if there is any movement from 2 am to 6 am in front of the door for more than 10-15 seconds, the house owner receives an alarm and gets immediate notification on their smartphone.
  4. Locking feature – Another robust feature of the smart doorbell is a locking feature. The doorbell can be attached to the electronic lock. It can be unlocked via a strong password from mobile keypad from the application.

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