Anti-theft Alarm System - Autofy for two wheelers

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Anti-theft Alarm System – Autofy for two wheelers

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Why is Autofy the best anti-theft alarm system for two-wheelers?

The Autofy alarm comes with advanced touch mechanism which can effectively sense every single touch and generates a security alarm. This is how your two-wheeler gets protected from thieves. The alarm system has a bike sensor touch feature, which when tampered, would buzz an alarm of 120 decibels. It is all times a better option as compared to the regular disc or gear or handles lock. The regular locks will just serve a single purpose at a time.

The Autofy alarm is made with the high-quality material. There is remote and standard key remote locking the two-wheeler. Both the remote and key have the option of locking and unlocking. In addition to it, the keys provide an option to locate the bike from a distance of up to 75-80 meters in a packed parking lot, shopping malls or other crowded location.

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Top features of the Autofy anti-theft alarm system

  1. All vehicle compatibility – The smart anti-thief alarm system provides total security to all the bikes and scooters, including geared as well as non-geared vehicles of all mode.
  2. Smart Function – The Autofy alarm comes with special functionalities like vehicle locking which offers total security to the bikes.
  3. Water Resistant – This is one of the brilliant features of the Autofy alarm system, it is totally water resistance and works seamlessly even in rough weathers.
  4. Advanced Technology – The anti-theft alarm system follows advanced technology and produces an alarm sound of 120 decibels which can be turned off only via a remote key.


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