Digital Door Lock, EPIC EF-P8800K

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Digital Door Lock, EPIC EF-P8800K

100 50

EPIC EF-P8800K Digital Door Lock is one such excellent digital door lock which follows futuristic technology, it enables you to unlock the door with the help of your smartphone. All you need is to connect the smartphone, Bluetooth and get started.

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Digital Door Lock offers premium features of home automation to all its users, such as

  1. The device is super sturdy and without any defects.
  2. The durability of EPIC EF-P8800K Digital Door Lock is high as it is made with the robust material.
  3. The digital door lock provides the option of the automatic lock, re-lock and also dual lock.
  4. You can get features like a random number, multi-touch number all in one home automation gadget.
  5. It allows you to enable Multi password registration function and auto cover authentication.
  6. You can adjust the volume and also mute it.
  7. The white light button has the greatest visibility and the emergency battery is powerful as it comes with a 9v battery.
  8. The smart home security gadget offers smart features like anti-shock, anti-fire, and anti-hacking.
  9. It is the perfect companion for the main door lock.
  10. The overall installation is very easy and it is the best fingerprint security option.
  11. The EPIC EF-P8800K Digital Door Lock comes with Guest Pin Number and Safe Register Feature.
  12. It is one of the powerful fingerprint security options which can take up to 100 Fingerprint Registration and 100 RFID Card Registration.
  13. The smart door lock system also provides an option of one by one deletion of the fingerprints.


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